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Okay if you’re wondering what’s the title about for this post, let me go ahead and fill you in. As of today 6/12/2017 OurJourney2Greatness is releasing its first product to the public. And yes you have guessed right, they’re notebooks and matching pen sets. Not just notebooks and pens but unique,humorous, inspirational matching sets to inspire your writing and creativity.

Why Notebooks & Pens?

Aha! good question 🙂
Writing is something I’ve always used in my life to clear out the storage space of my mind. I’ve experienced an enormous amount of psychological benefits from writing everything that comes to mind. The purpose behind this site is to not only store and share knowledge and information that can be seen by relevant people, but also to share with the public what has worked for me along my journey that can possibly help along on theirs. Helping others through self discovery is a natural extension of OurJourney2Greatness.

Putting a pen on to a piece of paper is very valuable to me and I believe it can be for you too, if its not already. Writing has truly transformed my life in many ways and still is till this day. As an introvert I never really talked much. Getting my thoughts out hasn’t always been easy, especially to people I don’t know well. Back since I could remember, I have always used and enjoyed expressive writing to put my thoughts, feelings, and experiences into words. This is what moved me to come up with my own pens and notebooks concept. I stand behind it 1,000% as a daily writer, deep thinker, relentless planner, avid notetaker and a student of life. I encourage you to write something everyday and reap the awesome benefits.

Whether is to jot down what you’re thinking or how you feel, I guarantee you it will produce therapeutic effects in your brain.

Writing has been linked to well being, improved moods and reduced stress levels. Me personally, I take a journal with me everywhere I go. This is my way of recording my life experiences. While most people use pictures and videos captured by their smart phone, I use a journal. I have literally become a very effective thinker on paper, which has contributed to helping me become a very effective person in life. I write about everything: family, finances, ideas, plans, feelings, business, etc. Everything in life is writable. Trust me when I tell you that by incorporating a daily writing practice into your routine you will influence many segments of your life as important as prioritizing, decision making, as well as change in perspective.

Furthermore writing makes you see your own growth and understand your life more. If that’s not enough reason to develop a writing habit I don’t know what is. So I encourage you to pick up the habit and connect more with yourself. I promise you won’t regret it. Until next time my fellow traveling companions. Don’t forget to visit the store before you leave:)

Happy and Safe Travels.

P.S. #amwriting you should be too .