Solitude-The gratitude of solitude

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There I am it’s 4 a.m. in the morning notebook flipped open in front of me, pencil in hand steam rising out of my coffee mug while I listen to David Neuve play Solitude on the piano. It’s amazing what some time of solitude can do. This time of the morning for me is the time where I literally reboot my brain and get quiet enough to check in with myself. I have found a great deal of satisfaction in solitude. For some things nothing works except solitude.

Of course this is coming from an introverted person but there’s a lot of surprising benefits that stem from solitude.

I generally use it to distance myself from all the distractions of the world and acknowledge the interior of my heart. What is it saying? What is it feeling? And why? It is truly enlightening, the quieter you can become the more you will here. I’ve made it a priority to design and schedule sometime of solitude into my mornings before my busy day takes over my thoughts. It’s my way of paying myself first as one does with finances but with time which is a lot more valuable. I have learned to turn Solitude into a private therapeutic place. In many places and for a widespread of people Solitude is seen as a spiritual practice and I understand why. It’s because Solitude and silence make space, space in our minds, space in our lives and space in our souls. It’s an emotional and spiritual thermostat that gives you the ability to shape and adjust your life. But only after you have taken the alone time to check the thermometer.

 “Solitude is painful when one is Young, but delightful when one is more mature” quote by Albert Einstein.

I find  this to be so true. When we are young we are always being lured away by foolish distraction. Always surrounded and heavily influence looking for acceptance by friends. When we found ourselves alone we felt isolated, miserable or even rejected.  While when we get  more mature a little Solitude can be relaxing. Using this time for self-reflection and to ask ourselves important questions to gain better understanding about ourselves and the world we live in. I find it interesting how our perceptions in life are frequently changing . Of course nothing stays the same. However if you’re able to be happy while you’re alone than even in the emptiest  times in your life you can find peace. Peace is big for me, it’s one of my core values peace of mind. I believe this is why I find myself in Solitude so much. I just love the feeling of my mind slowing down to offer me that deep reflection. The longer you give it the deeper you’ll go.

 Solitude vs Loneliness

People usually get Solitude and loneliness confused and that’s because from the outside looking in solitude and loneliness look-alike. But all similarities end at the ground level. Loneliness is a negative state, it is something that depletes and most the time it’s imposed on us. It’s where we feel alone, unwanted and usually leads to depression especially when mixed with inactivity, that’s a recipe for disaster. Solitude on the other hand is a positive state. It’s something we consciously choose. It’s restoring, fortifying and makes you feel wholesome. No matter how extroverted a person is we all require alone time. Many extroverts need more solitude then they are getting. Usually getting by with minimal dose of alone time will lead to never letting your body catch up with your mind.


Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with extroverts because there’s not. I mean everybody can’t be the same, some people give out energy and others absorb it. I’m just driving the point home of the importance of solitude regardless on what end of the spectrum you fall on. So I challenge you to prepare yourself ready your mind, decide your time and choose a location to spend some time in Solitude to reap all the benefits that come from it. While you at it feel free to meditate, think deeply, tap into your creative side, visualize, pray, come closer to  nature or whatever it maybe you feel will renew and reconnect you with yourself.  I’m excited for you already. Enjoy:)

Do you spend time in solitude?

Can you be alone without feeling alone?

Comment below and let me know what’s your outlook on solitude.