So Many Roads, So Many Detours

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Despite of how many roads you travel through in life you will find that there are plenty of ways to get to the same destination. Sometimes we have to take the long way around. The road to our goals and dreams isn’t always straight. We will encounter some unexpected curves and twist that will have you like, “wait a minute, I didn’t see this on the map.” Remember your Gps (Global Positioning System) isn’t always accurate, but your inner compass is. So just trust that you are being led in the right direction even if you feel lost at times. ┬áMost of the time there has been changes made to our routes for one reason or another. Most likely its to avoid something that’s up ahead that can harm or delay us even further. However, we never take the time out to look at it through that perspective. All we see is that our commute is being disrupted and we do not like interruptions.

Its noteworthy to know and expect for detours to interrupt us in our journey.

Anytime we encounter a detour we should not see it as a regression but as a opportunity to experience new things. Besides there’s still life to be lived and it’s important to keep that in mind. ┬áSo whether we’re twisting and turning on our paths, life is still worth appreciating. What we often think is the wrong road can lead us to the right place. Like I said before plenty of ways to get to the same destination. The truth of the matter is we don’t know the way. But we want to be in control of how and when we get to the destination. All we want to do on our journey through life is get on the ramp, speed over to the left side of the highway, to jump on the express lane. Life don’t always work like that, there will always be some unforeseen changes in our lives that are just inescapable. We can’t rush the process we have to trust the process. Trying to rush the course will only make it worse. This process is good for us even if we hate to admit it, we must walk through the lessons learned.

Life is full of necessary detours and road blocks. You can assure yourself there’s always a reason for these prolonged routes.

Coincidence is rarely the case with life’s detours. If we study and reflect on most of our detours on our journey we will find that we have had greater success and achievements by taking them then if we had gone straight on our way. For example there was a story I once read where three princes had came to a farm house where a sad accident had taken place. The farmers only son had been thrown from the farmers only horse and broke his leg. On top of that, the horse had ran off and could not be found. As you can imagine the farmer was quite distress, but the three princes told him not to worry that something good would come out of this.

Now this country happen to be involved in a war at that time with a neighboring country. The very next morning a squad of soldiers arrived to forcefully take all young and able body men into the army. As it happen the farmers only son had a broken leg so he was spared from the draft. Later that day representatives from the government came by to cease all horses that can be used by the army. But since his only horse had ran off again the farmer was spared. Later the army loss a great battle and most of the horses and men were killed. What appeared to be a unfortunate event the breaking of the leg and the running off of the horse, turned out to be the saving of the farmer. After the government representatives had left the horse came home on his own will, the sons leg healed up and the farmer was happy. When we’re on these surprising bends and spins on our journey we must have strong faith and confidence that it all will work out for the better. At times these same temporary setbacks turn out to be exactly what we need to happen for us to achieve our goal.

But of course I know at times this really can get frustrating. These side trips can take us miles out the way, making our goals seem further from reach. But its all part of the timeline. Even when our plans get off track we are exactly where we’re supposed to be. So stop worrying you’re headed in the right direction. You just make sure you do everything in your power to do all that you can do, because all that you can do is enough, but make sure you’re doing all you can do. If we analyze our current circumstances and get honest with ourselves, we know whether or not we’ve been sharpening our focus on the road ahead or on cruise control allowing all the distractions along the way to get us off track.

Which ever one it is just remember that life is a journey of a thousand miles. There’s still plenty of ground to be covered.

Staying positive is the key on these deviations in life. As well as making sure the vessel that we’re using to travel in is filled with the right fuel (87 89 or 93) to keep us going. When i say vessel I mean our body’s, mind and spirit. Which are the vehicles through which we experience the world in. While on a roundabout way it helps to feed your mind positive messages to change your perspective about why it is that your going through this detour in life. I call it mind food. Mind food those not come in packages, you can’t buy it at your local supermarket. Mind food is all the things that influence your conscious and subconscious thoughts. The mind is what the mind is fed by the same token the body is what the body is fed. So choose wisely, key nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids , fiber and B vitamins can always help to lift your spirit to ensure we keep looking at the glass as half full and not half empty.

Last but not least is our spiritual nutrition which so many people neglect. Whether its praying, meditating or reading our devotional its necessary to feed our spirit. Because if we neglect to give it the proper nourishment it deserves I’ll guarantee you this, we will find ourselves always feeling drained with weak faith. So if we eventually want to reach our destinations, its critical we keep our vessels fueled up and ready. I was always told, “staying ready is better then getting ready”. That’s especially true when we think about opportunities which a detour can always be.

Well my fellow traveling companions that pretty much concludes this post. But before I go, I just want you to remember one thing. And that’s that on our journey to greatness our paths will always be unpredictable. So always expect the unexpected and be ready for anything. Talk to you all later. Have a safe trip:)

What are some current detours in life that you’re experiencing?

How can you turn this into a positive?