Force Life To Pay The Price You A$k

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So you are up next to interview. You sit there nervously, hands clenched, rehearsing the questions you will ask about the requirements and responsibilities. As well as answers to the employers questions. Your up, you get interviewed now the audition is coming to an end. But the interviewer has one more question for you and it goes a little something like this “so mr. or ms. so & so how much are you looking to make???. You hesitate while gazing at the interviewer, knowing in your mind you want to get the highest salary you can without killing your shot at the job. So you sheepishly reply “well I’m open to your proposition”. NOOOO that’s how you get locked in to working for less then you deserve. We tend to do this out of desperation in hopes to getting the position. You my friend just left money on the table. Congratuf*@%inglations!

This is a prime example of how many of us answer to life “I’m open to your proposition”.Kevin Rodriguez

It’s because most of us are not aware of the fact that life will pay you whatever price we ask of it. As the saying goes “if you knew better you’ll do better”. So now you know and I advise you to be prepared to answer life with confidence next time that question comes around. This question usually comes in ways of opportunities. But in order to have more we must become more. What we send out is what we get back. Its the boomerang effect. If we take the time to invest in ourselves by raising our human capital and seek out opportunities trust me when I tell you we will attract them. In return it will enable us to exploit the moment and gain momentum to start manifesting all the desires of our lives.

“If you’re not ready to recieve you won’t”.Kevin Rodriguez

Have you ever sat there and studied someone playing the position of a catcher in the game of Baseball. I mean you see them crouched close to the ground, arm extended ready to receive that pitch. There is a reason why they call that spot the toughest position to play in the game. It takes a lot of physical and mental responsibility. A good Catcher (us) has the tools and the vision to shape and control the game (life). It is essential that we (the Catcher) develop a good and strong relationship with life (the Pitcher), where we remain open to receive. Its the foundation of any team and in life is the foundation of our existence. Once we acquire this relationship with the universe our experience of life will only grow.

I’m so tired of seeing people settle for less then they are capable of. They call it playing it safe. Let me tell you something about playing it safe. Yes they’re times where it’s better to play it safe then sorry. But I’ll guarantee you this, if you always play it safe, its a safe bet you’ll end up sorry. There’s only one thing worst then death and that’s a regret filled coffin. Life is a gamble place your bets. Holding on to those chips is a sure way to loose them. Trust me, the biggest risk is not taking one. I don’t know if you’ve notice but all the people that are truly happy have taken risk and still are. They risk enduring the discomfort of growth, the likelyhood of failing. If you’re terrified of failure you’re not likely to do what needs to be done to succeed in living a enriched and satisfying life.

“In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you bargain for”Kevin Rodriguez

Let me tell you something. Some of life’s best experiences and opportunities will come to you only after you dare to ask. Dare to be that confident, irritating person who just wont let up until he or she gets what they desire. Let me explain something to you, it’s not about what is fair so get that out your mind. Be the one to make the first offer at life and forget that I’m open to your proposition stuff. The universe is full of abundance, it doesn’t know lack. Lack is a mind state, things are maybe lacking from your view but not from existence.

The world is merely a reflection of our thoughts and emotions. In order to receive the most that life has to offer, we must get rid of our negative thoughts and beliefs we may have about abundance. For example, life is hard, nothing comes easy, no pain no gain, there’s not enough for everyone or one must work to live. All these beliefs have been downloaded into our operating system since youth. These same precepts confine us from living life to the highest degree.

Honestly, I really hope this post prompts you to turn away from mediocrity and force life to pay you what you a$k for. Everything you seek is seeking you, now go out there and go for it. Don’t you dare die wondering….

P.S. This post came straight from my heart, I need you to know that you have the seed of GREATNESS within you. Cultivate the grounds and let it bloom where its been planted.

Have safe and Happy travels from your traveling companion at Ourjourney2Greatness.
Kevin Rodriguez