Discover the Importance of a Morning Routine in Your Life!

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Okay, so call me obsessed or crazy but I wake up every morning at 3:05am ( don’t ask me why 3:05am I just do and that’s what it is ) why do I do this? I’ll be more than glad to elaborate. You see through the years I have simply recorded what has worked for me and what hasn’t . Furthermore, what has not worked to support me is waking up an hour before I need to be at work, put my coffee to brew, brush my teeth, get dressed, charge out the door, than stop at McDonald’s on the way because I didn’t design a time to have a proper breakfast. While on the subject, did I mention that my job is 35 minutes away from home? Yeah I figured I’ll throw that in there as well. I remember the days when I would rush to the daily grind in the mornings, it would literally be a mad dash every day. I feel the signs of stress arising now simply thinking about it. Clearly not a good feeling.

Ever since I’ve been on the Journey to Greatness, I roll out of bed with mindfulness.

I use to eject out of bed like a human cannonball at a circus minus the net for protection. These days I roll out of bed with mindfulness, still in the same mood that I intentionally put myself in the night before. This gets performed by practicing gratitude right before I doze off, or through listening to one of my recordings I personally make to intentionally program my mind. By doing this I wake up feeling grateful, well rested, energized, and ready to tackle the day. With this being the case, despite everything I still refuse to jump straight into a working day. I literally spend a hour or sometimes two just connecting to my inner core. When I say inner core I’m not in regards to my abdominals or back strength. I mean the core of my soul, the center of our being, spirit, higher consciousness of your mind or whatever you choose to call it .

Connecting to my inner core
First and foremost I start by meditating for 5 to 10 minutes immediately as soon as I get out of bed. I begin with meditation because I am committed to the practice, and by doing it first thing in the morning nothing can get in the way of it. Besides, mornings are generally quiet compared to any other time of the day. So be it Monday or Saturday, I am up at 3:05 am and meditating by 3:10 am. That way I ensure I get in my meditation before everyone else wakes up. I’ve come to understand that the first thing you do when you wake up will set the tone for the day. All in all starting off my day with meditation encourages the state of mind I need to be in. It supports me in managing the day and how I deal with the people in it.

“If it wasn’t for meditation, there would be a whole lot of people getting bad mouthed”just keeping it real

Ritual # 2 Innercise

What is innercise??? Innercise is a discipline I picked up from one of my mentors John Assaraf . Innercise is basically the stimulating and stretching of the brain to produce positive productive long-term change. The latest scientific findings establish that you can change your life by changing your brain. Like most people, I was so caught up directing my attention on the external part of myself while neglecting my innermost being. So I would exercise my body but not my spirit or mind, which is equally important.

Ever since I’ve been introduced to John and his programs I not only exercise put innercise as well. Innercising has helped me move beyond limiting beliefs, point out my fears for the fraud that they are and create positive behavior patterns. If what I just explained above sounds like something you would like to experience for yourself, I strongly suggest you visit Johns website NeuroGym uses the latest brain science to help you achieve positive lasting change to assist in creating the life of your dreams. John is one of the leading behavioral and mindset experts in the world with a unique ability for helping others release the mental and emotional obstacles that prevent them from achieving their very best in life and business. Okay proceeding onward.

Ritual # 3

So after I do my innercise I go over to my handy-dandy notebook (yes I said handy dandy notebook don’t judge me) and write out all my goals for the day to accomplish. I also review the goals for the day prior to spot if by chance I’ve missed any previous goals. If I did, I rewrite the same goal under today’s short term goals/to do list. After writing and rewriting my goals out I read them out loud. Not only do I read them out loud but I trace every sentence with my finger as I read them. This literally makes me feel a connection from the tip of my finger all the way to the top of my brain. Consequently programming and embedding the goal in my mind to ensure the task gets carried out. John has taught me this as well, which was advised to him by his mentor. I must say that I hold this ritual responsible for one of the chief reasons why I’ve been able to get and stay on track in this year of 2017. It has definitely assisted me in getting in alignment with my assignment.

Ritual # 4 Journaling

Finally journaling, beyond a doubt one of my favorite rituals to execute. This is me time all the way 🙂 . I get in the zone every time I journal. Classical tunes in ear, pen in hand, I start jotting down whatever comes to mind. This is my way of the brain dumping. I regularly journal in the mornings which has transformed my life dramatically. They’re so many amazing benefits that one can obtain through journaling. This is the reason why I’ve came out with a line of journals of my own.

Writing has help me unlock my creativity (by the way this blog is a byproduct that manifested from me journaling). Additionally writing aids me in creatively expressing myself, processing emotions, learn more about who I am and what I desire, while keeping track of my goals and exploring all of my dreams for the future. As the years progress, I’ve learned that whatever you write down you are more likely to achieve. This is one of the key reasons why I encourage you to pick up this practice. It is definitely a habit worth making time for.

Up to now I’ve experimented with my morning routines as you ought to. Speculating is necessary to perceive what fits you best. I’ve tried yoga, reading, stretching, running, shower meditation, practicing self education, watching inspiring videos, listening to motivational tapes etc. But I’ve come notice this one works best for me in this period of my life. Setting aside morning time as a space of peace and quiet to regroup will allow you to continue taking small steps towards your goals. This here is imperative on your journey to greatness.

By creating and sticking to a morning routine you will indisputably decrease your stress levels in the morning. Wondering how? by avoiding the rushing, scurrying , careless interactions with others and the faithful habit of forgetting the things you need for the day. You will likewise increase your chances of creating the successful day you envision for yourself. Consequently giving you a sense of control in a uncontrollable world.

As far back as I found the significance of a morning routine in my life, I have never been the same.Kevin Rodriguez

This is why I wrote this post and decided to share this with you. I want to help you never be the same again (for the better of course) by taking full ownership of the ship you’re sailing and enjoying it while you at it.

So whether it’s yoga, stretching, meditation, journaling , exercising, or walking, my aim is to serve you as a advocate to discover the importance of a productive morning routine. Believe me when I tell you that there’s a motivation behind why 98% of successful individuals all have morning rituals. So in case you want to make whatever remains of your life the best of your life ( which I know you do, that’s why you here reading this ) I believe it’s justified to do one’s best at developing a rewarding morning routine. Don’t you???