Building Buildings while Creating Dreams!

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Building a dream is not for the faint-hearted! and neither is building a Building. I have learned a lot about fabricating my dreams by working in the construction field. The work is not easy and obviously everyone is not cut out for it. Rain, sleet, or snow the work must go on, there are deadlines to meet. Starting with the end in mind, every detail is created on paper before any hammer is put to a nail. This set of construction plans are better known as the blueprints.

What is a Blueprint?

Blueprints are the outlines and plans for your future rebuild, expansion, or the new workings of a building, home or business. They contain key information about the size, numeric equations involved, and the extent of the kind of development you are doing. They are vital to guarantee that the estimations are right and that the structure will be sound and well constructed.

Ever since I set on my journey to greatness I’ve become a profound mindful student of life who strives to get from the day and not just through the day. Continually discovering ways to learn something and utilize it. I’ve implemented the method that I have seen used in the construction field to create and build my own dreams. Starting out by creating a step by step plan which will take me closer to my ultimate outcome, I have designed my own set of blueprints. I take them with me everywhere I go and read them whenever I have a spare moment. If you ever step a foot on a construction site you will notice the contractor usually with the blueprints rolled up under his arm protecting them from any potential danger. Well guess what, I am the contractor and builder of my DREAMS.

A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.Joyce Meyer

I’ve never revealed what I do for a living on this blog. But today my voyaging friends you will get a fun fact from me. Currently, I am a welder by trade. Yes! I specialize in fusing metal together. Welding is instrumental to the success of a construction project. Not to state that it’s the most vital part since all tradesmen have their impact, without one there won’t be the other. Each person has their own level of expertise in their own job and way they contribute to the project. Taking heed to this on the field I immediately applied it to my strategy in the process of manifesting my dreams.

It was only but so much I could do by myself. It came to the point where the skills needed for my organization to grow exceeded my experience. Mimicking what I’ve seen, I went out on the search for individuals who had their own level of skills where I required help at. I mean the Welder cannot erect the building independent from anyone else right???.

Yes that’s me getting my weld on!

I duplicate what I see at work, until my dream becomes my job.Kevin Rodriguez

Now, OurJourney2Greatness is not where I might want it to be yet (mark I said YET) but the team is most definitely growing and I am upbeat about that. What I’ve acknowledged is that every construction project is different, but you still need to check off essential stages to make it a success. Understanding this, I keep in mind that my dream achievement is a process and not an event.

Every person has a best version of themselves that they long to be, and every once in a while we meet a person that draws that out of us. Well my dream is to be that person, and build an empire who helps people that are seeking assistance in becoming a better and healthier version of their former selves. I want everyone to join me along side on this Journey to Greatness. We all have some sort of message to share with the world. We owe it to ourselves to be remembered and I want to be remembered by the lives I’ve touched. This is how I plan to leave my mark on this world.

As construction workers we often endure difficult conditions in order to complete the structures that ensure our livelihoods as well as enrich the lives of the general public. The construction industry makes a major positive contribution but I have dreams to do more in my lifetime. Making the money is good but making a difference is better. I want to be to others (especially the youth) what I never had growing up. By helping them avoid mistakes I’ve made, and help them learn from the ones they will inevitably make themselves.

Through working in the construction field I’ve learn that if you adjust your beliefs anything in life is possible. I remember countless times I would see what the average mind would think is impossible become possible on site. Where there’s will there’s a way. Tradesmen will all come together and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. The lesson learned in observing this is if you want something badly enough, nothing will stand in your way.

Working in that type of environment along side those crafty tradesmen has affected my life immensely. Therefore, I anticipate going to work each and everyday to gain some new useful knowledge to later apply in the most effective method to approach turning my dreams into a reality.

Most people have a dream. What is your dream? Dreams are very valuable to have, they drive us forward, give us energy and make us passionate. Dreams are so worth pursuing and everybody ought to have them. Are you one of the many that had a dream and lost hope? Or never connected with something that you thought was worth dreaming and working towards? Well then I enhearten you find or recapture your dream. Most people I know have gotten the dream knocked right out of them. Life has a way of doing that to you. But there are just somethings that are worth fighting for if we want a fulfilling life and your dreams are definitely at the top of that list. Farrah Gray could have not said it any better when he said “Build your dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. I’ll leave you with that.

P.S. Have the courage to make your dreams a reality, join me on this Journey2Greatness.