The only odds are in your thinking! You are already born to WIN!

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Question? are you the kind of person that thinks you have to hit the lottery in order to become rich? or are you the type that thinks the difference between being rich and poor boils down to luck? Either or, both of these methods for believing in wealth are not the way to go about it if you ever plan on living a life of abundance. Can I tell you something about yourself that you might not know?

You were born rich

Yes you, you were born rich! It may be a difficult concept for you to believe but you most certainly were. The riches you were born with consist in the power to control and direct your own mind to whatever ends you might desire. We are all born with these riches, meaning we are all equal. The problem lies in our thinking. Most people shy away from participating in equal opportunities with others because they feel too menial to aim for the concept of equality.

Let me expand your awareness on something that you should know. Did you know that there are not 1, 10 nor 50 but 1,700 millionaires being created everyday in America alone? Yes you heard right! The greatest move of riches in history has started while the majority are still sitting on the couch waiting on the 6 o’ clock news to come on to hear the winning numbers of the mega million.

Your belief mechanism is everything

We are all born into greatness. However, despite everything we need to have a sound mental disposition to fully grasp it. The power of imagination, inner vision, consciousness, and the drive for success is all we need to be successful. Still most people believe success is out of reach and end up settling for less then they are able to accomplish. No man or woman ought to be satisfied with little if (s)he’s capable of having and enjoying more. Why settle for crumbs when you can have the whole cake?

You were born to win!

You my friend were born to win. In fact you had to win the race to life in order to be born. In the fertilization process, you as a single sperm cell was facing incredible odds to unite with the egg to form a new human life (you). About 300,000,000 to 1 to be specific. Now let me ask you a question. Why do you think you fought so hard to reach that egg? I can assure you it wasn’t just to grow up, pay bills, and die. Yet 95% of people I come across live the same existence. While growing up they’re enrolled in school of course to get a education. Bills. Then they graduate and get a job in the field they studied in, only to strive to pay their student loans off. Bills. Find that special someone to get married to, buy a house only to pay a mortgage. Bills. Have children which of course cost to raise. Bills. Get the privilege to live on to old age and health issues start arising. Medical Bills. Death rolls around which makes the closing Bill. Life is not meant to be lived in this manner. We were born to flourish not just merely exist.

Don’t be oblivious to the fact that there is wealth for you

Abundance is everywhere. By the grace of source is already ours. All we have to do is show up and claim it. What do I mean by show up? Well definitely not just getting out of bed, splashing water on your face, gulping down your daily coffee and running out the door only to repeat the same routine that has you stuck in a loop. I mean really showing up, living intentionally, living on purpose with purpose. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. If we want to start living a life of abundance then putting forth the mental effort is absolutely necessary. As I stated before the power of Imagination, inner vision, consciousness and the drive for success is all that’s needed to succeed. This is what I’m referring to by mental effort. Let me brake this down to illuminate why and how these valuable tools are used to create whatever you can possibly desire.

The Power of Imagination

Our imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. It’s a blank canvas where we can draw ideas, come with methods to inspire ourselves and innovate creative ways of looking at our own selves and the world around us. Be that as it may, similar to any skill we posses, if we don’t use it we loose it (despite the fact, its important to mention we can never loose our imagination, but you understand what I’m saying here). It’s critical to point out that the power of our imagination is restrained only by our beliefs. Meaning, if you have limiting beliefs you are limited in the way you can use your imagination to help you achieve your goals and dreams. It’s a must that we adjust any limiting beliefs to get the most out of our imaginations. We must be able to think and imagine in a more expansive way. If we can’t envision ourselves as other than what we are then we remain as we are. By imagining that you are already experiencing the thing or state you want, your brain will literally go to work for you to create what you are consciously planting in your subconscious mind. Does it take practice? Yes. Will this happen overnight? No. But is it worth it? Absolutely

Raise Your Consciousness

Our mind has the biggest role in achieving success in life. With that being said, it only makes sense to take care of it while doing everything in our power to contribute to its development on a daily basis. This means letting go of fear, keeping an ear out for your inner voice and using it as a guide, meditating to access inner awareness, associating with positive people, being grateful and present, eating healthy foods, ect. By constantly focusing and studying life in general, the deeper you’ll go in meaning and understanding which will lead to higher awareness and consciousness. Ultimately the better your life will get. Raising your consciousness will give you a better understanding of who you really are and what your truly capable of doing. Without question a change in consciousness is necessary before you can change you outer world.

The Drive For Success

Are you willing to put 100% of your time, effort, energy, and focus into your evolution of the full expression of yourself? Can you commit to do whatever it takes to grow and develop into the person that it requires to earn the income that you want to earn?
These are the questions that you should be asking yourself? And if you aren’t willing to work for it, then don’t complain about not having it simple as that. I see and hear way to many people griping about their financial situation when they’re not willing to invest half the effort needed to change it around. We have to be willing to take control of the process. Just hoping that one day our situation will magically turn itself around is just wishful thinking. Like I stated in the title of this post, the odds are only in your thinking. So start to cultivate the fertile grounds of your mind and begin planting seeds of abundance and prosperity. Remember you were born to win, its already yours all you have to do is SHOW UP and CLAIM IT.

P.S. Happy and safe travels on your journey. May you be blessed and prosper in all of your undertakings.