In my past lives, I was a scientist and then a high school science teacher.

In my current life, I’m a mom entrepreneur with a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter to chase after for much of the day.

And I’m an Adobe-Illustrator-aholic.

My favorite naptime and evening activity is to work with Adobe Illustrator to create new and fun, science-related designs and diagrams.  I also write science lessons for high school teachers in my spare time.

I created this clothing brand as a way to design science themed apparel for my kids.  My son loves volcanos and space ships and planets and satellites and molecules and science lab things, and I can’t find t-shirts with those things anywhere!  Every design I create goes through my son’s approval process; he is my design consultant.

You can check out my current design campaigns here. 

How do design campaigns work?

From time to time, I create new designs and place them on teespring.com and connect to them from this website.  Teespring is sort of like a mini-kickstarter project.  If someone likes my design, they reserve a my cool science shirt (or bodysuit or toddler tee) and they only get charged if enough shirts get ordered (usually my goal is to sell a minimum of 10).  By creating shirts this way and going through teespring, I am able to create and offer them at a lower cost.

How often will new designs come out?

I aim to create new designs at the beginning of each month.

How do you hear about the new designs?

Subscribe to my email list!  If you subscribe, you will receive a $1 off offer for each future campaign order.  You can subscribe here.

What if you want a shirt or bodysuit with an older design?

You can check out my past designs here.  Teespring does allow people to reserve a design from an older campaign and when enough people reserve the design, I will re-run it!

Do I do custom designs?

If you have an idea for a science shirt you would love to have for your little scientist, let me know at bethany@babybeakerdesigns.com!