”The journey must be traveled, the destination is a choice”Mr. Kevin Rodriguez

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Launched in 2017 as a community for individuals who are seriously serious on attempting to find their true selves on their paths and figure this thing out called LIFE. This is a site where we all come together on our journeys and share what we have learned along the way to help each other get to the next step. If you love to educate and stimulate your mind with different subjects and constantly stretch and expand yourself to grow in personal development, then you’ll feel right at home here. Join our fellowship of supportive traveling companions on ourjourney2greatness. Inspiration, advice , positive energy and fortitude on your expedition is what you can expect within this site.

There really is a first time for everything….. Hello World! This is your traveling companion and host Kevin Rodriguez. I felt it was about time to write a blog post to embark us on our journey. But first, I wanted to let you know why I am blogging in the first place. The reason for me launching this blog is because I truly want to help others realize what I came to realize a couple of years ago. Which is, that we don’t have to sit there and accept whatever life throws at us like some sort of baseball catcher with mitts on both hands. However , we do have the authority to decide and select to rule on the play in The Game of Life like a baseball umpire. Believe it or not we have more control over our lives then we would like to admit, but only if we choose to. This was what adversity forced me to come face-to-face with. I was 25 years old at the time and thought I had failed in life. As I retrospect now, I understand it was just the state of mind that I was in. The truth is that failure is a man-made circumstance, it’s never real until it has been accepted by the person as permanent. It was not until I decided to get off the pity potty and flush it that I was able to change my beliefs, mind and attitude about my life as I knew it at the time.

It was then I started viewing it as a temporary defeat and not permanent failure.

I started assessing my aims in life and the plans on which the object of these things were sought. Because the fact I ended up where I was ,proved conclusively that something went wrong. That’s where I began my journey to find out what life was really about. I wanted to know what it took to succeed and how to develop my beliefs about life itself. I started assessing my life from every angle and proceeded to take action to strengthen where I was weak and decided get rid of any beliefs that weren’t empowering or serving me. I also took responsibility of the life long process of my personal development to maximize my new-found potential.

So, this is why I decided to start a blog. I wanted to share with you how I freed myself from the prison of my mind and a life of mediocrity and set out on a Journey2Greatness.

So why journey2Greatness?

I’ve always described Life as a journey. As an act of traveling from one place to another, because of the fact that nothing stays the same, change is the only rule of life. The key is to change for the better. To be fruitful while growing instead of dying, and though this journey will come to an end one day, go out with a fight making it a series of trying experiences.

The reason I chose the title OurJourney2Greatness is because there are people from all walks of life traveling through all types of Journeys. Some may find themselves on a spiritual Journey which will cause the traveler to change, grow and evolve. This Journey will require faith because you never know where this road will take you as you follow it. While others may be on an emotional journey, a journey when a person gets in touch with one’s emotional senses. For example, a woman who is pregnant will be on the emotional Journey. There is no other event in her life that is as emotionally and physically transforming. Another type of Journey that I feel is vital that we partake in is imaginative Journeys, which usually stems from goals and dreams we may have. This type of Journey is a very important one to travel through if you want to achieve anything. You basically have to see it before you see it. It is necessary that we cultivate a spirit of expectation and that same expectation in return activates faith. There are so many types of Journey’s with countless qualities that can be gained by them, such as, knowledge, experiences, change in perception, maturity, wisdom and understanding. This list is endless but they all have the potential to make us great. And this my fellow traveling companions, is the reason why I picked OurJourney2Greatness as the title.

But please don’t confuse this with a European trip or a summer vacation, it’s more of a process, a discovery. A process of self-discovery which will bring you face-to-face with yourself. This journey will not only show you the world but how you fit in it. Life is a journey my friend through many terrains. So whether you find yourself going from gardens of pleasure to deserts of pain, or the road of sorrow to the highway of joy, this is the place where all paths meet at one destination, which is Greatness.

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